Weekend Food Adventure in Plano with Karen Lao

I often venture into Plano to satisfy my cravings for authentic Asian cuisine. And it’s no secret that the Plano food scene is filled with ambitious and talented restaurateurs. I find myself visiting the area often for grand openings! Recently, I had the chance to take my family to two amazing spots: Ikigai Udon and Sucre Café Boba. Both establishments are fairly new, with Ikigai opening a few months ago and Sucre just shy of their one-year anniversary.

Ikigai Udon

The most exciting thing about Ikigai Udon is that it’s the first dedicated Japanese udon bar in the DFW area! I love that idea because, normally, udon is just a one-off dish on the menu at many Japanese fusion restaurants. At Ikigai, you can choose a variety of soup, sauce, or salad udon. They even have the option of rice bowls.

When you walk in, you enter a cafeteria-style line to choose a regular or large bowl. Their udon noodles, made in-house every morning, are displayed in front of you, which they then grab and boil for your order.

Next, you get to choose which toppings you want. I got everything: green onions, pickled ginger, tempura flakes, nori, and a poached egg.

Lastly, there’s a selection of tempuras for you to choose from, such as shrimp, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, and more. They also have spam musubi!

I love how fresh all of the ingredients are! You can tell that they dedicate time and quality to all of the food they prepare. My grandmother even raved about their curry udon, saying that it was the best curry she’s had at any restaurant!

Sucre Café Boba

Sucre Café is so charming! It has a lounge area and plenty of table space for social gatherings or studying. They have a great variety of milk teas, slushes, smoothies, and coffee drinks. I came here after lunch, so I only got their drinks, but if I had room, I definitely would have tried their dessert waffles or kimchi fries! If you’re exceptionally hungry, they also have a full food menu, including chicken and waffles, pork buns, char siu buns, and more. I’ve already bookmarked Sucre to visit again just for the food!

My favorite part about Sucre is that you can pay a little extra to get your drink in a mason jar. And you get to keep the jar! They were too cute to pass up, so I got mason jars for everyone in my family!

I also couldn’t pass up the watermelon slush. It comes with a slice of watermelon on top!

Watermelon slush and frappuccino

The drinks are on the sweeter side, but you can customize the sweetness. If you are not satisfied with your drink, they encourage you to let them know so they can remake it exactly how you want it!

Overall, I was so satisfied with food adventure in Plano. I’m never disappointed when I make a drive up into the city!

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Want to check out these places?

Ikigai Udon: 8245 Preston Rd Ste 100, Plano, TX 75024
Phone: (469) 969-6072

Sucre Cafe Boba: 6100 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074
Phone: (469) 931-2955

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