True Cuban Flavor From Mama’s Kitchen


Inspired by his mother’s culinary skills, The Latin Pig brings 57 years of hand crafted and passionate Cuban cuisine that can be traced back to 16th Century Cuban, Native Latin American, and Caribbean recipes.

If you’re looking for a true Cubano, this is the place to go. However, if you’re really looking to satisfy your palate, try the more Caribbean inspired meals like Arroz Con Gandules – a yellow rice cooked with pigeon peas, cilantro and sofrito. Trust us when we say it’s a MUST try.

Keeping the essence of Cuba alive in Plano, The Latin Pig prepares beautiful Colada, which is a Cuban style espresso customary of workplace breaks in Cuban Communities. Sip the rich espresso flavors, and take in the authentic Havana 1950’s décor.


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