New Eats and Trending Food Spots in Plano

Can’t keep up with all the growth in Plano? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our opinion on where to eat next!

1. YAYOI – Japanese

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Order on the iPad and track the status of your order from the comfort of your table. The space is a little more modern than one would think, but the food is flavorful. The rice seems to be commented on the most. You can also order multiple dishes to share since it’s hard to decide between it all!

Phone: (972) 517-0555
Address: 120 Legacy Dr Plano, TX 75023

2. O’Desi aroma – Flavors of India

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Built on 3 pillars of a full dining experience, O’Desi aroma puts the entire dining experience based on customer feedback. If the food, atmosphere, and staff don’t work in harmony, then it won’t be a great dining experience for us. Luckily, a lack of 3 pillars hasn’t been an issue so far. Jam packed flavors can be found in any of the classic curries, bowls, wraps, or skewers.

Phone: (972) 924-0644
Address: 8448 Parkwood Blvd Ste 500 Plano, TX 75024

3. Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers at Granite Park – American

Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers has been around for quite some time in Dallas (over 30 years to be exact,) but we are thrilled with the recent expansion into Plano at Granite Park. Culture Map claims that even though they put Mayo on burgers, it seems to work so well. Everything from the shoestrings, miscellaneous toppings and poppyseed bun just add to the overall flavor experience of one heck of a good burger.

Phone: Phone number (214) 297-2323
Address: 5872 Texas 121 Ste 105 Plano, TX 75024

4. Meet Fresh – Taiwanese Dessert

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It’s not often you get to be excited about a Taiwanese dessert shop opening up in Texas, but thanks to Meet Fresh you can experience a decade long expansion from South East Asia into US markets – more importantly for us, Plano! Don’t let the name throw you off, Taiwanese dessert is as recognizable and flavorful as traditional shaved ice. However, the process in which it’s created is beyond intricate. The ice looks more like sheets than small pebbles you’d get in your normal shaved ice. If you’ve not tried it, grab someone and go!

Phone: (972) 596-6088
Address: 2001 Coit Rd Ste 137B Plano, TX 75075

5. Dough Pizzeria – Pizza

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You may be familiar with Dough from its time in Dallas, but with the recent relocation to Plano you no longer need to make a trek for delicious pie. Proud of their craft, Dough is a proud member of the APN (Association of Neapolitan Pizzaioli) an Italian governing body dedicating to ensuring the 150 year + old art of Neapolitan pizza making doesn’t get lost. If you’re looking for true Neapolitan pizza, this one is for you.

Phone: (469) 814-0269
Address: 5960 West Parker Road Suite 286 Plano, TX 75093

6. The Gyro Shop – Halal

It’s no wonder The Gyro Shop is on one of the top 15 places to snag a Gyro. Perfect for lunch stops, you can quickly build your Gyro as you go down the line similar to other fast food giants, but don’t get us wrong – this definitely doesn’t taste like fast food. Be prepared for flavor packed goodness.

Phone: (469) 579-4652
Address: 6909 Coit Rd Ste 201 Plano, TX 75024
Website: N/A

7. Lima Taverna – Peruvian

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Lima Taverna continues to impress months after their opening. Whether you’re looking for healthy food, or a unique spin on traditional ceviche, this is your chance to taste incredible Peruvian / Latin food. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of street food and Michelin rated restaurants – definitely grab a bite here.

Phone: (469) 969-2034
Address: 621 W Plano Pkwy #247 Plano, TX 75075

How did we do? Do you agree on our food recommendations? Leave us a comment below.

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