Napa Cuisine in North Texas


Sixty Vines, wine and dine. That is the perfect motto for the experience Sixty Vines provides. The food is simple and inspired by Napa Valley. The wines are simplified so everyone from novice to expert can enjoy.

The wine is the centerpiece of the enterprise and the centerpiece of the restaurant, taking up the entire wall behind the sleek white bar in the form of silver taps with the wine names hand written in black marker on the white tile. When you order a glass of wine, it’s coming from the tap selection. Wine on tap is better for the environment, eliminating cork and wine bottle waste and it keeps the wine fresh. Wine doesn’t spoil in the pressurized kegs. The tap also enables each wine to be served at the precise temperature at which it tastes best.

There are wine choices on tap for every pallet as well as wine made specifically for Sixty vines by California winemaker Vine Hugger. If you don’t know your way around wines, don’t fret, the staff at Sixty Vines will help you choose the best wine for your taste.

With so much focus on the wine, you could almost forget about the food. Almost. Food at Sixty Vines is prepared to complement the wine. Ingredients are sourced locally when possible and the menu changes seasonally. The pizzas are fire roasted and everything is cooked in an open kitchen. You can watch your wine pour and your pizza cook.

At Sixty Vines, you won’t have to imagine you’re in California wine country. You’ll feel like you’re truly there, especially after a glass or two.

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