Try This Loaded Texas Brisket Lasagna


The 2 staples at Taverna Rossa are beer and pizza. Taverna Rossa elevates this pairing, using local ingredients when possible and offering over 20 craft beers on tap.

You might be content with pizza and beer and in most cases, pizza and beer is the best choice but you should try the lasagna. That’s right, the lasagna. Taverna Rossa’s takes a simple recipe and turns it up a notch. Named the “Texas Lasgna,” this heavy dish is a combination of stout braised brisket, marinara, mozzarella, local provolone, and bachamel cheese. You will never look at lasagna the same way.

For lighter fare, try the artesian cheese board. It’s piled with local Texas jams, vegetables pickled in-house, cured meats, grapes and crostini. The Rustic Apple Salad is a refreshing dish for hot summer days. It’s comprised of arugula, radicchio, sliced jazz apple, pomegranate, Texas pecans, and topped with local goat cheese and a maple cider vinaigrette.

Taverna Rossa hosts live music once or twice a week. Genres run the gamete from blues to country to rock. Sit out on their patio and enjoy a drink (or two). You’ll be glad you didn’t go anywhere else.

Of course, we can’t leave out the beautiful outdoor patio bar. Try their house infused Basil and Strawberry Whisky or a Rosarita with orange and pineapple infusion topped with sangria. Taverna Rossa has a large whisky and bourbon selection for whisky lovers. Once or twice a week, there is live music. Genres run the gamete from blues to country to rock. Sit on the patio and enjoy a drink (or two).

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